Members of the jury

Pézman Andrea (SK)

Andrea Pézman was born in Komárno (Slovak Republic) and currently lives and works in Bratislava. In 1999 she became an architect at the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, then in 2005 she was a graphic artist at the Bratislava College of Fine Arts, where she received her doctorate in 2018 and is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Graphic Arts.

Regularly exhibits both in Slovakia, Hungary and internationally.  She won many national and international contests.

Her works can be found in the collections of several recognized institutions: MAK Wien, Mead Art Museum at Amherst College (USA), Instituto de Artes Gráficas, Oaxaca (Mexico), Galéria mesta Bratislavy (Slovakia).

dr hab. Bogdan Achimescu prof. ASP (PL)

Draughtsman and transmedia artist, born in 1965. Studied at the High School of Arts in Timișoara, the Cluj Art Institute, the Krakow Fine Arts Academy (MFA in Graphics in 1992). In recent years, Achimescu has focused on performative lectures, that is, live drawing sessions projected on a screen, simultaneously with a narrative full of digressions, about topics such as revolutions and social change, the material culture of Eastern Europe as well as micro- subjective history. Achimescu represented Romania at the Venice Biennale 2001 as part of the Context group. His works are in numerous private and public collections, including the viennese Albertina, MOMA New York, Ludwigsmuseum Cologne, Uffizzi Galleries in Florence, National Museum in Warsaw, Art Museum in Sao Paolo. Achimescu has taught at numerous universities in the United States, including the University of Virginia (1999, 2002-2004) and the University of Arizona (2000-2001). Vice-Rector of the Krakow Academy of Arts (2016-2020). He is currently a professor at the Faculty of Intermediate and director of the Doctoral School of the Krakow Fine Arts Academy.

Dr. Bordás Beáta (RO)

Dr. Beáta Bordás is an art historian. She was born in Sepsiszentgyörgy/ Sfântu Gheorghe in 1986. She graduated from Babeș–Bolyai University in Kolozsvár/Cluj – Napoca, where she obtained her degree of Doctor of History in 2013.

During the period of 2016-2021 she was a museologist and curator of the Art Museum in Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca and since the summer of 2021 she has been director of the Transylvanian Art Centre in Sepsiszentgyörgy/ Sfântu Gheorghe.

Her main research areas are Transylvanian art of the 19th and 20th century and Transylvanian architecture of the age of historicism.  There have been published several  individual volumes and studies about Transylvanian art and Transylvanian built heritage written by her.

Prof. dr. Erőss István (HU)

Hungarian artist István Erőss, he graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1995 as a printmaker, but he also attended other institutions, such as the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) and the University of Fine Arts in Marseille. He defended his DLA thesis about ”Nature Art” in 2009. Works at Eszterházy Károly University, Eger, as professor at the Visual Arts Institute, from August 2021, he is the rector of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

 He has taken numerous professional trips to remote countries: he has been to Africa five times and to Asia more than forty times as a guest artist, exhibitor, lecturer or curator of different artists’ camps and symposia. He is exhibitor and organiser of the series of international exchange exhibitions entitled SEGMENT, consisting of twice nine events held in Hungary and several Asian countries up to now. He works in different genres ranging from printmaking through installation to sculpture.

Ferencz S. Apor (RO/HU)

Apor Ferencz S. is a visual artist, born in 1975, he graduated the Bucharest National University of Arts in 2001. He is member of several professional organisations such as the Romanian Artists` Union (UAP), the Caffart Fine Art Association in Budapest and the MAMŰ Art Society (HU). He is also founder and editor of the online visual art forum ”Fórumtizenöt” [Forum fifteen] and active organizer of many local exhibitions and professional events. He has received a lot of professional recognitions and artist grants, such as the Hollósy Simon Scholarship (2006) (HU), the Barcsay Award (2011) (HU), Communitas Scholarship (2003, 2010) (RO), Scholarship of the Budapest Gallery (2006, 2019) (HU), the Creative Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (2021) (HU). From 2017 he is the curator of the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland.

In his works he mainly deals with the problems of his personal existence and the social issues of his environment. Sometimes he redefines his works creating collages and installations of his personal objects and family photos. Found and rebuilt objects have an important role and he often integrates some elements of the material culture of his ”province” into his art.

Prof. dr. habil Adriana Lucaciu (RO)

She was born in 1965 in Lugoj, Romania. She graduated from the Bucharest National University of Arts in 1992, obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Graphics. Since 1993 she has been member of the Romanian Artists’ Union. In 2005 she completed her doctoral studies at West University of Timișoara. At present she is university professor at West University of Timișoara, at the Faculty of Arts and Design. 

She participated in several international exhibitions and contests (more than 400 participations) in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Brasilia, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Croatia, Germany, France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, USA, Turkey, Hungary.

She received a series of international awards and scholarships at home and abroad and took part in many residency programs in Germany, Italy and Austria. She lives and works in Timișoara, Romania.

Szurcsik József (HU) 

József Szurcsik is a painter and graphic artist born in 1959 in Budapest. During the periods of 1981-1985 and 1985-1988 he completed his studies at the Printmaking Department of the Hungarian Faculty of Arts in Budapest, respectively he participated in the postgraduate programme of the faculty. He has been an exhibiting artist since 1985. Beside his independent artistic work  he has a diverse art organizing and artist representation activity: he is member and office holder of a series of art organizations and societies at home and abroad. 

His other important activity field is Art Pedagogy: during the period of 2006 and 2009 he was professor at the Eszterházy Károly College and head of the Visual Art Department, since 2009 he has been teaching at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. At present he is vice-rector of the University, head of the Graphics Department, associate professor.

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