Members of the jury

Norbert Filep (RO)

He was born in 1990 in Baia Mare (Nagybánya). He graduated from the  University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár) in 2015, at present he is a doctoral candidate at the same university at the Graphics Faculty.  In recent years he has been applying different procedures in his art, articulated mostly through the use of drawing as a central mechanism for his conceptual approach concerning abstraction. Whether he draws simple lines with a ruler, or he uses grids taken from the basics of tehnical drawing, whether he borrows texts from different art catalogues and art magazines, his visual vocabulary remains based on a simple concept defined by the information itself. Thus, he is committed to discovering new possibilities of the abstract through redefining different processes of generating information on basis accumulation and repetition. His artworks were presented in several individual and group exhibitions in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Bruxelles, Rotterdam, Timișoara and Stockholm. His works are included in private and public collections, among which the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania (MNAC), the Museum of Recent Art, the ING – București Collection, the Banca Transilvania – Cluj-Napoca Collection. He lives and works in Cluj-Napoca.

Prof. dr. Erőss István (HU)

Hungarian artist István Erőss, he graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1995 as a printmaker, but he also attended other institutions, such as the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) and the University of Fine Arts in Marseille. He defended his DLA thesis about ”Nature Art” in 2009. Works at Eszterházy Károly University, Eger, as professor at the Visual Arts Institute, from August 2021, he is the rector of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He has taken numerous professional trips to remote countries: he has been to Africa five times and to Asia more than forty times as a guest artist, exhibitor, lecturer or curator of different artists’ camps and symposia. He is exhibitor and organiser of the series of international exchange exhibitions entitled SEGMENT, consisting of twice nine events held in Hungary and several Asian countries up to now. He works in different genres ranging from printmaking through installation to sculpture.


Ciprian N. Isac (RO)
Graphic designer, Graphic Workshop
Curator Bucharest Graphic Days

He was born in 1968 Hunedoara. He graduated from Bucharest National University of Arts, in 2001.Co-founder of the Atelierului de grafică, București (Bucharest Graphics Workshop), (2005). Graphic designer specialised in book and event design, he is passionate of old things, archivation, blog and photo archive adminsitrator. Initiator and producer of events on diverse graphics and related topics: exhibitions, workshops, publications. Fourteen years ago he started a project of research concerning Romanian graphics in the communist period: posters, letter, logo, advertising. Ironically called “Graphics without computer”, the project materialized in 4 books published by the Atelierul de grafică, București and one book was published in collaboration with the german publisher  Gestalten of Berlin (Iron Curtains Graphics – Gestalten 2012) – with important records in the specialized publications all over the world. On the occasion of the same research he launches the web platform with two main components: an acrhive of images with old graphics from the time of communism and a blog with cultural news. In 2018, amid the discontent with the political situation in Romania and following numerous street protests he initiates and launches the socio-political poster project with international participation called Roar Poster Show, including 5 exhibitions, workshops, talks in Bucharest and in other 2 cities of the country. In 2022 he founded, and since then he has been the producer of the biggest graphics festival, called Bucharest Graphic Days, an event spread over three weeks, focusing on exhibitions, conferences, workshops, artist colonies. 

Apor Ferencz S. (RO)

The artist was born in 1975, he graduated from the Bucharest National University of Arts in 2001. He is member of several professional organizations,  such as the Romanian Artists Union (UAP),  the MAMŰ Society of Budapest and the Caffart Fine Art Association. Founder and editor of the online art forum Fórumtizenöt (Forum fifteen) and active organizer of several local exhibitions and professional events, he received many awards and scholarships for artists, among which the Hollósy Simon scholarship (2006), the Communitas scholarship (2003, 2010), the Barcsay Award (2011), the Budapest Galery scholarship (2006, 2019), the Art Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (2021). From 2017 he has been the appointed curator of the  Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland in Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy). In his works he searches for anwers to the problems of his personal existence, to the questions of his interpersonal relationships and of the surrounding social environment. But he also puts emphasis on the topic of remembering, as well. What are memories and how is it possible to express them in arts, which can be the graphical forms of remembering? In the background of the contents of his art there frequently appear sociocritical elements, as well, but at the same time also humourous and ironic aspects are present. Found objects have a great role in his toolbar and he also integrates in his artworks some elements of the material culture of his ”province”, emphasizing in this way the importance of the local and traditional values. It is extremely important for him to express his message through techniques and procedures of the contemporary art and think about the possibilities of their graphic representation. 

Imre Tolnay DLA (HU)
artist, university professor – Széchenyi István University, Győr (HU)

He was born in Győr in 1968. He graduated from the Faculty of Printmaking of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1992-ben, in 1994 received a scholarship within an exchange program at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. Between 1997-2000 he attended the doctoral school of the Faculty of Art of the University in Pécs. In 2003 he obtained his doctoral- degree (DLA), then in 2013 the habilitated doctorate (PTE). In 2009 he went with a two-month scholarship to the Hungarian Academy of Rome. From 1991 he has been participating in several important exhibitions at home and abroad, at different symposia, he has been exploring different genres of the visual arts (painting, graphics, photography, installations) and published articles in inland professional journals. He has participated at more than 50 individual and for about two hundred group exhibitions, his works got to 21 countries of the world. He has won several prizes, his artworks can be seen in many private and public collections at home and abroad. He is a university professor at Széchenyi István University of Győr.

Dr. Bordás Beáta (RO)

Dr. Beáta Bordás is an art historian. She was born in Sepsiszentgyörgy/ Sfântu Gheorghe in 1986. She graduated from Babeș–Bolyai University in Kolozsvár/Cluj – Napoca, where she obtained her degree of Doctor of History in 2013. During the period of 2016-2021 she was a museologist and curator of the Art Museum in Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca and since the summer of 2021 she has been director of the Transylvanian Art Centre in Sepsiszentgyörgy/ Sfântu Gheorghe. Her main research areas are Transylvanian art of the 19th and 20th century and Transylvanian architecture of the age of historicism.  There have been published several  individual volumes and studies about Transylvanian art and Transylvanian built heritage written by her.

Gábor Gyenes (SK)
fine artist, assistant professor – Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Graphics (SK)

He was born in Kosice (Kassa) in 1984. He graduated from the Faculty of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (Pozsony), then he completed his doctorate at the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica (Besztercebánya). At present he is assistent professor at the Faculty of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (Pozsony) and leader of the artist group IN SITU. He works as a graphic artist, creates site-specific art and illustrates books. Art represents to him a communication form through which he generates dialogues, his works are characterized by a diversity of genres: from classical graphics to videos, from book illustrations to bioart. The  main concept of his artworks is based on recurrent topics dealing with the relationship between man and his environment, respectively he focuses upon the scientific investigation of the world, as well. At the same time his illustrations are based on  drawing, on the play with spaces and on some surprising approaches. 

The list of the selected artworks / 2024

Based on the high professional quality of the large number of submitted artworks, the jury has selected 350 artworks for inclusion in the core collection of the biennial. These will be made available online on the biennial’s website and projected electronically on screens at the biennial’s exhibitions.

Considering the capacity of exhibition spaces and the extent of the catalog, the seven-member international jury has prioritized the composition of the biennial’s material as follows: out of the 350 selected artworks, the first 250 will be included in the biennial’s catalog and will also feature in the exhibitions. 

The first 250 artworks

Entry Id Name Title of the artwork Country
3669 Ábrahám Jakab Áttörés RO Romania
3417 Adam Czech Kawiarnia 2E PL Poland
3557 Adarsh Palandi INTERLUDE IN India
3556 Adrian Sandu I and myself RO Romania
3667 Adriana Mihaela Pop Dissolution RO Romania
3623 Agata Dworzak-Subocz Synergy_17 PL Poland
3797 Agata Gertchen Motherhood _31 PL Poland
3617 Agnieszka Lech-Binczycka Tenebre PL Poland
3778 Aleksandra Lasoń Inclusion XIV PL Poland
3618 Alicja Habisiak-Matczak Inside Out / Outside In – XIV Edmonton Mall PL Poland
3468 Amnat Kongwaree The Moon TH Thailand
3413 André Berger “Path” State Proof III (“Vereda” P.E. III) BR Brazil
4113 Andrea Moračanin No title SR Serbia
4126 Andreas Panayi Stages of Balance CY Cyprus
3644 Andrei-Răzvan Neciu Take it with a grain of salt RO Romania
3723 Andrew Rice Is It Finished? US United States
3716 Andrzej Kalina Poza układem 3 PL Poland
3507 Andrzej Węcławski “Adyton _Kurtyna_ XVII” PL Poland
4287 Andrzej Wochnik Apoptosis II PL Poland
3771 Anna Berrino Equilibrium Act III IT Italy
3664 Anna Szkobodzińska NGC 1027 PL Poland
3794 Anna Trojanowska ADMINISTARTIVE DELIGHT_04 PL Poland
4069 Antal István Leeway of victory Nr 1 AT Austria
3720 Antonia Taralli Margolis I GR Greece
4072 Antonina Kałużna Transform II PL Poland
3516 António Canau Two symbiotic mechanical translucent human forms!? PT Portugal
3946 Anusorn Chaiyu Tomatoes in care TH Thailand
3903 Aphiwat Chanthaban Make a living TH Thailand
3796 Apirat Rerkdee Liminal Space – A place of Tranquility TH Thailand
3592 Augusto Sampaio PACKAGES, PAPERS, PROJECTS BR Brazil
4303 Bács Emese Bemozdultan behálózva HU Hungary
4085 Bankó Denisz Kirakat II. HU Hungary
3744 Barbara Komaniecka Who is there? PL Poland
3941 Barta János Tömegek Gyűlölete HU Hungary
3726 Batista Ovidiu La vie en roze RO Romania
3980 Bawornsin Lamnuan trial TH Thailand
4284 Benjaphorn Satornrach We Are Going  To The Moon TH Thailand
3996 Biró Borbála Nullpont RO Romania
3660 Bodor Anikó Leszállva a falvédőről HU Hungary
4053 Buba Petru Radu Relax, Fear, Flood RO Romania
4115 Bugyi István József Hirtelen lett Rutin HU Hungary
4354 Burus Botond Egyensúly HU Hungary
4290 Chanikran Kaewlai The position TH Thailand
3472 Claudio Osán La herencia del tiempo II AR Argentina
3435 Cleo Wilkinson Ascension AU Australia
4119 Cristian Opris ”Dezastrele razboiului” RO Romania
4117 Daniela Roman Clara au chevalet FR France
4272 Daniela Sobetchi DISTORSIONE 3 IT Italy
3748 Danka Attila KARMA HU Hungary
3947 Daradics Árpád BBQ / BBQ HU Hungary
3605 Darya Hancharova The inside constellation 3 PL Poland
3433 Deborah Chapman Va et vient sans fin CA Canada
3829 Dicső Eszter Nóra Játszunk? I. HU Hungary
3650 Dimény András Sikoly-2 RO Romania
3531 Dimitrije Pecić Waiting for take off SR Serbia
4263 Dobó Bianka Mű-emlék-mű I. HU Hungary
3974 Domen Dimovski 2048 SI Slovenia
4315 Dominika Surmacz configuration xxy-4 PL Poland
3952 Dong Jiayuan Mirror CN China
4215 Dorota Herbik SOL INVICTUS 1 PL Poland
3755 Dragana Kuprešanin “U-Ki-Ki” (“The Wraps” opus) / diptych, 1/2 SR Serbia
3559 Edvin Dragičević Altius I HR Croatia
4150 Elian Stolarsky País extraño III (strange country III) 3 ES Spain
3840 Emrah Sezer Başkanın Kokusu TR Turkey
4076 Eric Mummery Just a Thought CA Canada
4005 Evan Summer Dawn US United States
3732 Ewa Kozłowska Trumna (Coffin) PL Poland
3722 Fazakas Barna Summit RO Romania
3713 Felsmann Tamás Felsmann Tamás _ Hommage Michaël Borremans No. 47 HU Hungary
3953 Fu Bin Fossils 2984 CN China
4045 Gabriela Olosutean „Imagine I” RO Romania
3587 Gacsályi Bíborka Lina (M)erre vágysz… VII HU Hungary
4023 Georg Bothe Sonic Reducer II (e.a. VI/VI) DE Germany
3867 Gesztelyi Nagy Zsuzsa Egész életünkben a magányt kell gyógyítanunk III. HU Hungary
3928 Gollowitzer Szabina Ripsz V. HU Hungary
3853 Guanchu Zhu transform0050 CN China
3414 Guy Langevin Planète CA Canada
3985 Hamid reza Bashiri Untitled number 6 IR Iran
4077 Haruhiko Yoshinaga Transparent obscurities and remembrances JP Japan
3869 Horváth Rita Öngyulladás HU Hungary
4003 Horváth-Kovács Panna Nárcisszusz Útja a Tó Mélyéig RO Romania
3473 Hui Zhang In the face of time, doubt about repetition CN China
3614 Hulievych Serhii Decimation UA Ukraine
3919 Hung Anh Pham Vietnamese tools VN  Vietnam
3465 Irina Gonzales En lo interior PE Peru
4244 Ivácson Rebekka Iterations_no1 HU Hungary
4329 Ivona Pupačić Domestic Grid HR Croatia
4184 Jagoda Jaworska The Apple of my Eye PL Poland
3884 Jakabos Júlia Utastájékoztatás HU Hungary
3613 Jámbor Éva Cím nélkül HU Hungary
3743 Jan Kukułka Scape 6: Backspace PL Poland
3633 Jang Guin Lim Human shield KR South Korea
4280 Janne Laine Dystopia II FI Finland
3779 Jiahao Wang 《战争-丢脸》 CN China
3765 Jing Liu Teacher-02 CN China
3863 Jirakit Thungsuk Freedom from old structure I TH Thailand
4352 Jiří Hanuš Cosmo VIII CZ Czech Republic
3431 Johannes Christopher Gerard Out Of Balance NL Netherlands
4014 Johny Hycinte Ngbwa riva IT Italy
4174 Jónás Péter Árnyék-zsilip III. HU Hungary
3619 Juhász Dorina System HU Hungary
4220 Julia Rut Memory XXIX PL Poland
3809 Kamil Kocurek Destruction 3 PL Poland
3424 Kamil Zaleski Powtorzenia 63 PL Poland
3701 Kántor József Drónok HU Hungary
3517 Karim Bassegoda Opened Trapdoor #4 CH Switzerland
4300 Karol Polak Saturn Devouring His Son PL Poland
4345 Karol Pomykala Mirage One direction 1 PL Poland
3628 Karolina Zimna-Stelmaszewska Ariel PL Poland
4172 Katarzyna Kroczek-Wasińska Balance II PL Poland
4347 Katarzyna Tereszkiewicz Identity projection III PL Poland
3970 Katarzyna Winczek The Territory K. I, IV PL Poland
4149 Katarzyna Zimna immerging PL Poland
4048 Katarzyna Żugaj Rhythmic space 1 PL Poland
3944 Kelemen Miklós Befejezetlen szobor részlet II. HU Hungary
3639 Király György Turnov kék csendje HU Hungary
4114 Kiss Ferenc Inventory: D’Revolution, Rediscovery HU Hungary
3816 Kittikawin Prasong Door of life NO.2 TH Thailand
4344 Kónya Kincső Aszály II. HU Hungary
4306 Kovács Csonga Anikó Kaleidoszkóp (részlet), diptichon SK Slovakia
4006 Kritsaya Kamultra Monkey toilet TH Thailand
3876 Kubra Gurlesen Yildiz Becoming Earth V TR Turkey
3688 Laura Czuczor Nutshell HU Hungary
4125 Łucja Bańkowska Powidok S PL Poland
4277 Łukasz Koniuszy The Memory of Place I PL Poland
3839 Madácsy István Fekete lyuk – Sewelô-gyémánt HU Hungary
3543 Magda Szplit Into the dark PL Poland
3656 Magdalena Agata Bak Parallellisme Oslo 4 NO Norway
3715 Magdalena Piwko-Chudzik Ethnic structures PL Poland
3997 Magdalena Swierczek Triage V PL Poland
3749 Maja K. Stawicka-Pipowska W próżni (eng. In limbo) PL Poland
4129 Małgorzata Stanielewicz Long shadows PL Poland
3464 Manfred Egger Momentum I AT Austria
3627 Manuel Ruelas “Con Amor” With Love MX Mexico
3862 Marcin Białas NUN PL Poland
4218 Marcin Dudek Current status II PL Poland
4241 Marco Poma Il declino della luce IT Italy
3728 Marco Trentin Private identity n2 IT Italy
3728 Marco Trentin Private identity n4 IT Italy
3572 Marek Grzyb Emptiness PL Poland
4055 Marek Zajko Psychomotoric mutations I – version 4 PL Poland
4243 Maria Pina Bentivenga Luminaria III- B IT Italy
4205 Maria Zwolińska distortion PL Poland
4092 Maria-Elena Șofrac ID-ENTITY (2) RO Romania
3920 Mariusz Filipowicz NUMBER 55 PL Poland
4335 Marlena Biczak Memory 1 PL Poland
4335 Marlena Biczak Memory 2 PL Poland
3745 Marta Dawidiuk Comp 1 (0;00;00;00) PL Poland
4148 Marta Dziomdziora Doors (1) PL Poland
4161 Marta Pogorzelec Tabula rasa I PL Poland
3665 Marta Śliwiak Speep PL Poland
4351 Martinecz Nóra Márta Nóra cím nélkül HU Hungary
3735 Mehdi Darvishi Evaporated 2 US United States
3636 Michal Tadeusz Golanski Barcelona IT Italy
4063 Mihaela Lungu Cognitive fire blaze/ Incendiu cognitiv RO Romania
3690 Mihail Voicu T@rget, Versus series RO Romania
3954 Miklós Gábor Lapfürdőzés II. HU Hungary
4368 Milan Krajnović The End Of The Cycle BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
4047 Milena Petrović ,,homesick” SR Serbia
3629 Modesto Thiago Ritual BR Brazil
4288 Monika Pałka CITY, RAIN PL Poland
4221 Mualla Gürle tears of nature TR Turkey
3541 Müberra Bülbül Transformation TR Turkey
4147 Nádas Alexandra Hordozható kert I. HU Hungary
3534 Natalia Pawlus they are better PL Poland
4242 Négyesi Ádám Indeterminable lines twigs HU Hungary
3742 Nguyen Rosalie (artist name: Bich) Samson FR France
3466 Nikola Kašterović To which front it will take us BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
4167 Nilgün Köseoğlu ATA 216 TR Turkey
3925 Nils-Erik Mattsson Object on green disk SE Sweden
4247 Nophaklao Srimatyakun Basketries : Fish trap no.1 TH Thailand
3631 Nuttapong Boonmeelarp Flexible TH Thailand
4094 Oksana Budna My head PL Poland
3578 Olesya Dzhurayeva Under the pressure. The Abyss UA Ukraine
4081 Orosz Csaba Diksha (beavatás) 1. HU Hungary
3620 Ovidiu Petca Aesthetic Intelligence IV /Inteligență estetică IV RO Romania
4267 Ovidiu Tarța Into The Light RO Romania
3902 Pakorn Khammaha THE PAST TO THE PRESENT TH Thailand
3807 Passawee Senaprem When is the time TH Thailand
3781 Patipon Supanpong Thing and Traces in Memory12 TH Thailand
3750 Pató Károly Memento HU Hungary
4116 Paulina Tarara brave new adam PL Poland
3895 Paweł Bińczycki Tree of Life PL Poland
4216 Péter Ágnes AZ EGYENSÚLY 01 MI&mi HU Hungary
3648 Pető Hunor Csoportterápia HU Hungary
4250 Pisit Wiratwisit Variations of natural and life No.1 TH Thailand
3632 Pochtakorn Kongpool Toys made from imaginary material and memoriesNo.4 TH Thailand
3711 Prach Piamuay Jackpots_king_stage24 TH Thailand
3635 Prashant Phirangi BREATH IN India
3939 Prawpen Suntarekulpong Purgatory VI TH Thailand
3838 Puskai Sarolta Tárgyalás RO Romania
4310 Raluca Pavelescu The monument RO Romania
4084 Raluca-Ionela Dîm 1992 RO Romania
3890 Rattana Sudjarit The way in future No.1 TH Thailand
3680 Rinat Khabirov Still life 3 UK United Kingdom
4343 Ritli Róbert Roland Struktúra II. RO Romania
3546 Roberto Carrillo Melancholy 2 MX Mexico
3553 Ruiz Jean Paul 461 FR France
3455 Sarita Rauta Surch your own way IN India
3805 Satitkun Mongkolruangrit Between us TH Thailand
4009 Sawit Nojit Belief, Faith or Capitalism, The Meditating Buddh TH Thailand
3762 Semih Çinar I saw the end of the world TR Turkey
3972 Siklódi Fruzsina Erzsébet Testbeli felületek RO Romania
3707 Siklódy Fruzsina Theather III. RO Romania
4207 Simon Zsolt Az angyal vacsorája HU Hungary
4010 Siyu Long Aurora1 CN China
4057 Somorjai-Kiss Tibor Fekete lyuk 2. HU Hungary
3492 Stanislaw Cholewa artifact 2 PL Poland
4217 Stark István Góc 9. HU Hungary
3754 Stefanovits Péter Érzelmi egyensúly I. HU Hungary
3704 Suplicz Gergely They always win HU Hungary
4016 Szabó Ábel Untitled No. 45 HU Hungary
3730 Széchenyi Beatrix Jegyzet a pecfekcionizmsról I. HU Hungary
4202 Szepessy Béla Látomások Epheszoszban HU Hungary
3450 Szilágyi Rudolf Csendes éj HU Hungary
3646 Szőke Erika Csukcsföldi Vénusz I. SK Slovakia
3653 Szőnyi Krisztina Előlről HU Hungary
3913 Szücs János Rope balance HU Hungary
4253 Tanisorn Bunbanchaya Still life no.4 TH Thailand
4324 Técsi Boglárka XENOTYPE BETŰKOMPOZÍCIÓ (W) HU Hungary
3692 Teerawoot Com-on Family Relationships TH Thailand
4192 Teppong Hongsrimueang Belief of North east Thai people​ 3 TH Thailand
4011 Theerawat Mikhawan Gender Me No.11 TH Thailand
4319 Tobai Botond István Deconstrucreation HU Hungary
4209 Toldi Flóra Hajnali háztetők III. HU Hungary
4209 Toldi Flóra Hajnali háztetők IV. HU Hungary
4122 Tomasz Chudzik State of balance- egzo object I b PL Poland
4355 Tomasz Lingo Gut9ght PL Poland
4180 Tomasz Winiarski Perpetuum mobile: CXVI PL Poland
4158 Toró Attila Ying-Yang RO Romania
3549 Ulrich Gábor Kiszámítható következmények HU Hungary
3659 Vasiliki (Vasso) Chatzimanoli Untitle GR Greece
3659 Vasiliki (Vasso) Chatzimanoli Untitle GR Greece
3539 Végvári Beatrix Kényes egyensúly HU Hungary
3651 Vimonmarn Khanthachavana Rose Pincushions in Painscape II TH Thailand
4002 Wari Saengsuwo Life object No.2 TH Thailand
4204 Watanai Magate Together… TH Thailand
4239 Wawrzyniec Strzemieczny Great Attractor PL Poland
3571 Wei Yuhang Circle’s story XIV CN China
4369 Wojciech Domagalski Gienia_4 PL Poland
4070 Wojciech Tylbor-Kubrakiewicz Augenblick PL Poland
3662 Ximena Medina Sancho Candelabro del desierto CL Chile
3855 Yao Shunyu War of words CN China
3808 Yuliang Yao Reclamation Diary CN China
3760 Yutt Puektasajatam City Town Home 1 TH Thailand
4328 Zareba Witold We move around the company at a run I PL Poland
3981 Zdejszy Jakub Melancholy II PL Poland
4198 Zeman Zoltán Natural Intelligence HU Hungary
3969 Zhang Minjie Stage No.17 CN China
3538 Zhaoyang Zeng THE METAPHYSICS OF GEOMETRY #1 CN China

Artworks available online

Entry Id Name Title of the artwork Country
3645 Adrian Lis CROSS RO Romania
3575 Adrian Timar Constructivism-Deconstructivism 690 RO Romania
3973 Agata Burzyńska Another one PL Poland
3449 Albert Levente Fénytávolság1 RO Romania
3733 Alberto Balletti wrecker IT Italy
4162 Ana Vivoda Fragments of morning 2 HR Croatia
4100 Anna Kodź Totem III PL Poland
4334 Barbara Czapor-Zareba Interior Blue 5 PL Poland
4194 Biró János Mens bestiarum II RO Romania
4096 Budaházi Tibor Római töredék I. HU Hungary
3558 Carlos Torres “Incendio de la Primavera” MX Mexico
3868 Chalam Opchoei Physically Free IX TH Thailand
3588 Ciocan Daria “Bube” din seria Trovanți RO Romania
4233 Ciprian Chirileanu Utopic City 1 RO Romania
3519 Colin Gillespie ‘watchers’ UK United Kingdom
3524 Corine PAGNY I AM HUMAN FR France
3647 Csízy László Információ folyamok HU Hungary
3833 Dadányi Zsófia Teregetés HU Hungary
4176 Dariusz Kaca Lux versus Tenebras PL Poland
3655 Delia Elena Suteu “Left Behind” RO Romania
3861 Dominik Wlodarek Window, Elblag, Gallery EL PL Poland
3727 Dr. Nityananda Gaine existance-20 BD Bangladesh
4336 Dumitru Lungu Interferente MD Moldova
3998 Egyed Tibor Mennyit is ér? – Mibe kerül? HU Hungary
4033 Enyedi Zsuzsanna KONSTELLÁCIÓK HU Hungary
3729 Evangelos Tasios Pigskin shoes GR Greece
4038 Fazakas Eszter Formális hupsz RO Romania
3785 Félix Enrique García Luna The Dance of Time MX Mexico
4121 Ficzek Ferenc ifj. Árnyéktér II. HU Hungary
4311 Flavia Lorena Maxim Țesătură RO Romania
4123 Frimmel Gyula Kettős portré HU Hungary
4346 Gál Krisztián Treshold 02 HU Hungary
3843 Ghyczy Csongor Háttérzaj (Egy könyv lapjai, 24. oldal) HU Hungary
3601 Giacomo Miracola The Balkan route IT Italy
3432 Glenn Thomas Men-Women NL Netherlands
3600 Gui Jiang Smart fishing port CN China
4154 Gunn Techaworawitayakoon Rocking horse TH Thailand
4029 HAász Ágnes Manézs HU Hungary
3757 Hassan Zahreddine The tin box CA Canada
3958 Helga Chibidziura Burger 1:5; 9 x 4,5 cm; 15.Feb.24; € 1,80 AT Austria
3529 Hernández Castillo Víctor Manuel ” I AM ALL THIRSTY FOR CORROSION” MX Mexico
3581 Hyejeong Kwon Never ending story KR South Korea
3712 Ivo Pecov Nikola Tesla dreamed of free electricity for all BG Bulgaria
3418 Jacek Joostberens KS_LI_N°2 PL Poland
3471 Jaco Putker Creeps & Cryptids No.27: Frankenstein’s Monster NL Netherlands
3416 Jaeger Tibor Annabella találkozása a helytartóval SE Sweden
3440 James Johnson-Perkins The Assembly of the Gods, After Raphael, Kathmandu UK United Kingdom
4266 Jánváry Zoltán Úti jegyzetek 2 HU Hungary
3677 Jayne Reid Jackson Offerings US United States
4352 Jiří Hanuš In the space between CZ Czech Republic
4013 Justin Diggle Crinoid Surveillance Module. US United States
3725 Kelemen Benő Benjámin Elmozdulás 3. HU Hungary
4367 Krnács Ágota Határeset, avagy egy irányított migráció lenyomata HU Hungary
3683 Kun Péter Játszótér HU Hungary
3570 László Hajnalka Everyday weights RO Romania
4089 László Mária Édua Rózsaszín ölelés HU Hungary
3961 Liu Fu Beginning•Cradle CN China
4237 Lőrincz Imre Levente Halotti lepel RO Romania
3554 Lucilla Rossi Un intorno sulla frontiera IT Italy
4037 Lukács József Jóka Hintázó Magok I. HU Hungary
4331 Łukasz Cywicki Space of time – I PL Poland
4091 M. Fatih Gök crowded XVIII TR Turkey
3831 Mari Holecz hanging roles I. HU Hungary
4230 Maria dundakova co-Living city Streets Book, Pages B CH Switzerland
3452 Mariusz Dański From the dot game series – open PL Poland
4012 Marta Lech 16.06 PL Poland
3804 Marta Tomczyk Notes from space… with cadmium red 8 PL Poland
3803 Masaaki Sugita “I wanted just to engrave” Improvisation No. 1 JP Japan
3510 Masato Nagai Birth of land JP Japan
3735 Mehdi Darvishi The Night US United States
3685 Michail Falkonis Creeping Fear I GR Greece
3982 Michela Mascarucci La Messa è finita IT Italy
3882 Mikó Petra 0Dilemma HU Hungary
3583 Nathan Meltz The Golem Smashes All Walls US United States
3714 Nathan Tan Yew Wai My Forest Void Deck #01 SG Singapore
3893 Nyers Dániel Rorschach I. HU Hungary
4282 Oliver Pilic Night Life – Still Life SI Slovenia
3640 Orbán Anna-Mária Valyon melyik kek a hibas RO Romania
4206 Orosz-Stefán Renáta Házi Feladat HU Hungary
3699 Pál Csaba Párhuzamos helyzetek 01 HU Hungary
4289 Paulina Bobak The Absent? 5 PL Poland
4289 Paulina Bobak Anthropological forms 9 PL Poland
3791 Pavel Pisklakov Easter RU Russia
3718 Paweł Delekta Przestrzenie Labiryntów XIV PL Poland
4223 Prakarn Jantaravichit Pumpkin No.2 TH Thailand
3999 Reining Vivien Szomjúság V. HU Hungary
3957 Sándor Lilla Harmónia II. HU Hungary
3691 Sasamon Songprapai Home #2 TH Thailand
3873 Schell Réka Eltitkolt történet III. HU Hungary
3802 Serena Pagnini Folla IV IT Italy
3977 Silvia Șoșoiu Zori RO Romania
3595 Sinka Péter Folyam I. HU Hungary
3630 Snezhina Biserova Cora`s Window-V BG Bulgaria
3924 Sorrathun Ouikhum Boredom’s Gaze: The Bitter Wind TH Thailand
3512 Stanislav Bojankov Sub-statio-I BG Bulgaria
3434 Stefania Patrikiou Empty GR Greece
4301 Stephen Menon Aku Bukan Pendatang ( I’m not an immigrant ) MY Malaysia
3737 Surasak Sornsena Printed records of Isaan-Thailand mural paintings TH Thailand
3960 Szabó Réka Ottfelejtett történetek 1 RO Romania
3836 Szerényi Gábor Üt az óra HU Hungary
4027 Thaksin Yodprathum A dream that I want to be 2 TH Thailand
3830 Thammasin Darunkan feels like we are gathering around and konnecting TH Thailand
4359 Ungvári-Zrínyi Kata Waste botanicals (Claua Membranea Vulgaris) RO Romania
3637 Valentini Mavrodoglou scream GR Greece
3577 Veljašević Vladimir 1 SR Serbia
3763 Vică Tilă – Adorian LUI PEPELEA RO Romania
3914 Vitos Hajnal Múlt és jövő RO Romania
3942 Wiktoria Kosiek Epoche PL Poland
3806 Yitong Wang Mental Image-Game CN China
4375 Zakar Antal BALANCE NO1 HU Hungary
4164 Zatoka Dariusz Tower PL Poland
3415 Zenon Burdy Harbour23b CA Canada
3652 Zhang wenhui Guanshan Series No. 1 CN China
3535 Zoran Mishe Needle in a haystack,a bloody struggle for a needl BG Bulgaria

More Artists than Ever before Have Applied for This Year’s G8 Call for Submissions

The submission phase of the 8th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland has concluded. This year, the highest number of artists ever applied to our call for submissions since the event’s establishment 14 years ago. Over the nine-week application period, 926 artists from 68 countries around the world submitted a total of 2046 artworks. We can say that the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland is a professionally recognized competition worldwide, and the intention to participate holds prestigious value among artists. 

Based on the high professional quality of the large number of submitted artworks, the jury has selected 350 artworks for inclusion in the core collection of the biennial. These will be made available online on the biennial’s website and projected electronically on screens at the biennial’s exhibitions.  

Considering the capacity of exhibition spaces and the extent of the catalog, the seven-member international jury has prioritized the composition of the biennial’s material as follows: out of the 350 selected artworks, the first 250 will be included in the biennial’s catalog and will also feature in the exhibitions. 

The submission deadline for the 8th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland closed at midnight on March 30th, followed by the first stage of judging which took place from April 8th to April 14th.

The G8 jury consists of internationally recognized representatives of the profession: Ciprian N. Isac, graphic designer of “Atelierul de Grafică” in Bucharest, curator of Bucharest Graphic Days; Prof. Dr. István Erőss, rector of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts; Dr. Imre Tolnay, DLA, visual artist, university professor – teacher at the Széchenyi István University in Győr; Dr. Gábor Gyenes, visual artist, university lecturer – professor at the Graphics Department of the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava; Dr. Beáta Bordás, art historian, director of the Transylvanian Art Center in Sfântu Gheorghe; Norbert Filep, visual artist; and Apor S. Ferencz, visual artist, curator of the biennial.

We will soon publish the list of selected works on the biennial’s website. 


Public Call for Submissions for the 8th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland Now Open

The G8 Invitation is Available for the Domestic and International Art Community

In the year 2024, the 8th edition of the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland will take place, marking an important international artistic and professional event. For this occasion, the G8 suggests a thematic focus on the importance of balance and, conversely, explores questions surrounding its absence. Similar to previous years, a portion of the biennial’s core collection will be exhibited in Miercurea Ciuc, and several satellite events are scheduled to take place.

“Political divisions, social inequality, wars, climate change, natural disasters. In recent years, a number of geopolitical events and ecological phenomena in the world have led us to take a closer look at our collective vision of the present and the future.

We look at what happens when a relative social, political or natural balance is upset. A state in which opposing influences, circumstances or aspirations no longer seem to balance each other seems to break down. Equally important is the question of the inner equilibrium and tranquillity, or lack of it, of the individual soul. The G8 stresses the importance of individual and collective responsibility in maintaining balance, and the importance of the social role of the creator and of art in restoring it.

The 8th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland invites visual interpretations of the importance of balance and, conversely, the lack of it, in such a way that the artistic intention focuses on the social role of the nature of the image through the creative attitude.

The organisers welcome applications from all those artists who, with the intention of renewing the processes of contemporary graphic art, are sending a message to the future and holding up a mirror of critique to the society of our time through the possible responses they create”, stated Apor S. Ferencz, the curator of the biennial in this year’s call for submissions.

In addition to ensuring a high professional standard, another aim of the biennial is to maintain the G8 as a significant international forum for contemporary graphic art, contributing to the enrichment of the cultural and artistic values of the region. The official opening will take place in early October at the Transylvanian Art Centre in Sfântu Gheorghe and at the Szekler Museum of Ciuc in Miercurea Ciuc. Prior to this, the exhibition featuring the 2022 laureate, Polish artist Nastazja Ciupa, will be inaugurated, along with numerous accompanying events, including an exhibition at the Arcade House and MAGMA Contemporary Art Space.

Artists can submit their applications exclusively through the online platform on the biennial’s website until 25 March 2024. The selected works will constitute the material for the biennial’s catalog and exhibition. For more detailed information about the application process and regulations, interested parties can refer to the website.

The event is organized in collaboration with the councils of Covasna, Harghita, and Mureș counties, as well as the Covasna County Cultural Centre, the Szekler Museum of Ciuc, the Cultural and Art Centre of Lăzarea, and the Mureș County Museum.

Further details about the biennial can be found on the official website, as well as on the Facebook page and the Instagram page

TRAVEL – exhibition of graphic artist and animation film director Líviusz Gyulai

On March 17, 2023 the exhibition entitled Travel of the graphic artist and animation film director Líviusz GYULAI (1937–2021) was opened at the Transylvanian Art Centre in Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfantu Gheorghe). The art show was jointly organized by the Cultural Centre of Covasna County and the Transylvanian Art Centre as a special side event of the 7th Grapchic Art Biennial of Szeklerland.

At the exhibition opening, art historian dr. Beáta Bordás, the host of the event welcomed the visitors, then opening remarks followed by Apor Ferencz S., curator of the 7th Graphic Art Biennial, Ágnes Képiró, art historian and Béla Szepessy graphic artist and curator of the exhibition.

Líviusz GYULAI was born in the winter of the year 1937 in Barót (Baraolt). The family repatriated to the town of Sopron in West Hungary in 1946. During his childhood readings he got to know the famous French illustrators Doré and Daumier. From 1952 he continued his studies at the Fine Arts High School in Budapesten, then after finishing it, he studied graphics at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts between 1956–1962. Among his masters are to be mentioned Sándor Ék, Géza Fónyi and János Kmetty. He actively participated in the revolution and war of independence of 1956 together with the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts. As a result he has been subjected to a number of retorts in the early years of his career. In Hungary he did not receive any official recognition for a long time, except for the Munkácsy Mihály Prize in 1973.  However after the regime change he was overwhelmed with the most prestigious awards beginning with the distinction Merited Artist (1989) through the Kossuth Prize (2004) to the distinction Artist of the Nation (2014).

The life career of the artist is charactarized by the interaction between epochs, styles, techniques and genres. All this he fulfilled in each of his epochs with the highest craftsmanship, humility and with a rare vitality.

The exhibition organized in the Transylvanian Art Centre – also due to its summarizing nature –  aims to flash as much as possible from the whole life work.  This art show presents more than 180 graphic works, among others archaizing pen drawings, linocuts, lithographies and etchings. At the same time, in course of the exhibition visitors will be able to watch the animated films of Líviusz GYULAI, to which he made not only the figure, phase- and background drawings, but he wrote the screenplays and stories himself, as well, thus these are themselves works of independent value.

Reality and reflection

“Culture doesn’t save anything or anyone, it doesn’t justify.
But it’s a product of man: he projects himself into it,
he recognizes himself in it; that critical mirror alone offers him his image.”
(Jean-Paul Sartre)

In addition to the exhibition spaces of the Transylvanian Art Centre in Sfântu Gheorghe, other cultural institutions of Szeklerland will join the events of the 7th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland in October 2022, as unlike in previous years, the Szekler Museum of Ciuc will present part of the core material of the Biennial.

This year’s call is inextricably linked to the previous one, with the curator, Ferencz S. Apor, sensitively responding to the global stress and unpredictability of recent years, giving the call the title ”Strategies”.

This year’s call, like the one two years ago, struck a prophetic note, as it called for new creative strategies for the future, reflecting on the events of the past, even before we knew anything about the current war, and thus, wittingly or unwittingly, it also referred to the current situation.

Strategy as a concept was primarily used in warfare and meant the art of winning a war. Although it has a much broader connotation today, unfortunately, our current situation reminds us of the original connotation of the term. Not only the war raging in a neighbouring country, but also the increasingly acute ecological disasters of our time, the fight against the pandemic that has not yet ended, the foreseeably accelerating energy crisis, the economic decline, and so on.

The number of works submitted to this year’s call has not decreased significantly compared to previous years, the jury members were able to choose from 2000 creations by 844 artists, which once again exemplifies the artists’ relentless receptiveness and willingness to take action. This time, 303 works were selected for the Biennial’s core selection, which can be seen in this catalogue.

Although the Hungary, Poland and Romania were strongly represented again this year, the quantity and quality of works submitted by South American and Far Eastern artists was spectacularly stronger than in previous years. This year’s prize winners include artists from Poland, Hungary, Thailand, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Finland.

Looking at the Biennial’s core material, we are right to wonder what creative strategies art offers to respond to the changing global circumstances, to the uncertainty that is increasingly making itself felt in our everyday lives. Can we find some kind of grip on the unpredictability? How are our personal and individual lives interwoven and influenced by events in the wider world, and how can we respond to them?

Every change generates new social and cultural bonds, that give rise to new relationships and socio-cultural manifestations. In a sea of anxiety, fear, intimidation and manipulation, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a way out, so that an attitude of loneliness and isolation can become a normal behaviour. Is this the new normal? Art has always responded sensitively to crisis situations, assuming an attitude-shaping, sensitising role in society, holding up a mirror to it.

This year’s call of the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland was also a response to a crisis and a questioning of the “new normal”. Multiplicative graphics is one of the most appropriate genres to express a critical attitude, since one of its important roles and aims is to question perceived and actual reality and, if necessary, to confront the reality around us even ruthlessly. This is also given by the technique, since the works created with acid, copper, needle or chisel imply the very essence of the possibility of strong and decisive expression.

The works selected for this year’s Biennial are a beautiful blend of fine art techniques and digital solutions, creating unique experiments and a rich visual language. The sharper lines and colder style of mechanical processes enter organically into dialogue with the more subtle, lyrical linework of planographic, screen-printing, digital and custom techniques. Regardless of their technical execution, their choice of subject matter reveals to a large extent an absurd, cold, threatening world. Through their dialogue, the thematizations of different issues, such as loneliness, pandemic, hopelessness, ecological problems, are brought together into a whole, providing a visual image of the relevant situation of our time.

Looking at the material of the Biennial, the question arises again and again: can art, and if so, how can it bring about change in a reality outside of itself?  This year’s core material, even if it cannot bring about concrete changes, certainly invites the viewer to reflect through the quality of the works and the choice of themes. To paraphrase Sartre, it is a critical mirror of our near and distant surroundings that, wittingly or unwittingly, encourages us to change and move on.

 ”It is not enough to have eyes (…),
one must learn to see.” (Sartre)

Dr. Iréne Kányádi, art historian
Artwork: ANTAL István, Glitsh 2022

The exhibition of the 7th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland opened in Miercurea-Ciuc

On Friday, October 7, the 7th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland was opened in the Szekler Museum of Ciuc. The event was opened by Aranka Karda-Markaly, director of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc, Attila Korodi, the mayor of Miercurea-Ciuc, Apor S. Ferencz, curator of the Biennial. The exhibition was inaugurated by art hirtorian Eszter Túros.

In her welcoming speech, Aranka Karda-Markaly, the director of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc, said that this is the first exhibition in the life of the museum, which is a significant, well-known and recognized event of contemporary art, and its justification for existence in this city and institution is perfectly clear. He especially emphasized that among the exhibited and winning works of art, there are also works by artists from Miercurea-Ciuc.

Attila Korodi, mayor of Miercurea-Ciuc, congratulated the organizers and thanked them for the event: “having seen the works, I feel that it was worthwhile to organise the Biennial, as we have been enriched by the art world, by all the works exhibited, and by the participating artists. It is a special joy that Szeklerland operates in a common dimension, and the three counties jointly strengthen the reputation of the cultural world in which we live.”

Apor S. Ferencz, the curator of the Biennial highlighted that “the main aim of G7 continued to be to focus on contemporary graphic design and to provide a comprehensive overview of current trends and developments in reproductive image creation; to trace, map and highlight the interactions that can lead to different fusions of traditional and experimental graphic techniques. We hoped that the products of the creative sensibility of the artists who applied would be an excellent reflection of the events of the recent past.”

The exhibition was praised by visual artist Eszter Túros: “Images of abstract forms and structures provide the starting point. Order and the various markings of borders set the tone, where industrial skeletons and structures, traces of chaos, the occupied order, shreds of homeliness, labyrinths that function also serve as exits, sharp memories of childhood, spaces of life, bonds and unions, repetitions, cyclicity, tight structures and organic forms frame our space of movement. It includes personal stories, images of the body, of solitude, of inaccessible, very sensitively formed, one-person spaces. Moving on, out of the tensions of external and internal spaces, images of action emerge, which are essentially images of life, of our lives, with the most topical, most pressing questions. Personal struggles, strategies, ways of functioning. Breathing exits from a maze.”

The exhibition is open until 18 November at the Szekler Museum of Ciuc. Photos of the event can be viewed HERE.

The Biennial is supported by the Bethlen Gábor Fund (BGA) and the National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA).

The exhibition of the 7th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland opened and the award ceremony took place in Sfântu Gheorghe

On Thursday, 6 October, the official opening and award ceremony of the 7th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland took place at the Transylvanian Art Centre. Sándor Tamás, president of the Covasna County Council, Dr. Beáta Bordás, head of the Transylvanian Art Centre, Béla Kolcsár, head of the Cultural and Art Centre of Lăzarea, Bulcsú Ötvös Koppány, director of the Mureș County Museum, Hajnal Both, consul of the Consulate of Hungary in Miercurea-Ciuc, and Apor S. Ferencz, curator of the Biennial, attended the exhibition and gave welcoming speeches. The exhibition was praised by art historian Iréne Kányádi.

Dr. Bordás Beáta, head of the Transylvanian Art Centre, welcomed the participants, expressed her appreciation and gratitude for the fact that the Transylvanian Art Centre could once again host the Biennial and that the best of the works will remain in the Centre’s collection.

In his speech, Sándor Tamás, president of the Covasna County Council, emphasized that the almost 15 years of cooperation between Covasna, Harghita and Mureș counties is fruitful, as a result of which the cultural forcefield of Szeklerland has been strengthened: “we make room for both tradition and innovation, and this duality is exciting. A well-planned strategy provides stability, and innovation provides rapid adaptation. This duality is found not only in us, but also in the arts.”

Béla Kolcsár, the head of the Cultural and Art Centre of Lăzarea, thanked the organisers and emphasised that significant moments in history can be linked to artistic events, so today’s event is also a good opportunity to show the participants how much new things can be presented by the artists besides the traditional techniques of graphic art.

Bulcsú Koppány Ötvös, director of the Mureş County Museum, on behalf of Ferenc Péter, president of the Mureş County Council, and consul Hajnal Both, welcomed the guests.

Apor S. Ferencz, the curator of this year’s edition of the Biennial presented the motto for this year’s edition: “Changing circumstances and the constraints we experienced force us all to reassess our vision of the future. We are looking for solutions to the unanswered questions of uncertain times with different strategies. Accordingly, in 2022, we have proposed the title Strategies as the motto of the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland.”

The exhibition was praised by art historian Iréne Kányádi: “Looking at the material of the Biennial, the question arises again and again: can art, and if so, how can it bring changes to the reality outside of it? Even if this year’s core material cannot bring about concrete changes, the quality of the works and the choice of themes certainly invite the viewer to reflect. We can say that it puts us in a critical mirror of our near and distant surroundings, which, wittingly or unwittingly, encourages us to change and move on.”

The event was attended by the award-winning artists, as well as by Árpád Kurko, the provider of the Biennial’s main prize, who presented this year’s main award to the winning artist.

 The winners of the Biennial:

  • The Biennial’s main award: Nastazja Ciupa (PL)
  • Imre Nagy award: Anna Trojanowska (PL)
  • Sándor Plugor award: Janne Laine (FI)
  • Pál Nagy award: Vimonmarn Khanthachavana (TH)
  • Imre Baász award: Shanatya Tahpor (TH)
  • The award of the Consulate of Hungary in Miercurea-Ciuc: Agnieszka Cieślińska (PL)
  • Partium Award from the Partium Christian University: Fruzsina Siklódy (RO)
  • The award of Eszterházy Károly University: Kelemen Miklós (HU)
  • The award of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts: Goran Trickovski (BG)
  • The award of the Pulzus Artists’ Colony: Cătălina Nistor (RO)
  • MAMŰ award: Anikó Csonga Kovács (SK)
  • The award of the Lăzarea Artists’ Colony: Bianka Dobó (HU)

The exhibition is open until 26 November at the Transylvanian Art Centre. Photos of the event can be viewed HERE. 

The Biennial is supported by the Bethlen Gábor Fund (BGA) and the National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA).