The Bird Lives / Imre Baász and his friends – witness stories and the idea of printing

The exhibition The Bird Lives / Imre Baász and his friends – witness stories and the idea of printing opened on 5 October at the MAGMA Contemporary Art Exhibition Space. The exhibition attempts to compose a portrait of Imre Baász, complemented by contemporary art projects belonging to this intellectual tradition. The exhibition was opened by Attila Kispál, director of the MAGMA Contemporary Art Exhibition Space, Apor S. Ferencz, curator of the Biennial, Márton Gajzágó, journalist, and Dénes Miklósi, one of the curators of the exhibition.

On the occasion of the creation of the exhibition, Miklósi explains that he does not treat the work of Imre Baász as a historical act, but is interested in the present. In a kind of visual anthropology experiment, the aim was to rediscover the face that is made up of the faces of people who were close to him. The exhibition includes interviews with close friends of Imre Baász, as well as some of the artist’s unfinished works and sketches. “I’m not interested in his art, I’m interested in the unquantifiable” – says Miklósi.

Imre Baász’s tradition is an important part of recent history through its practical, applied character. The title of the exhibition is a reference to his mail-art work with the same title, reproduced in 1985 with serigraphy, about which he writes: “a work not only suggests the possibility of change, but also intervenes in the context of the material world, rearranging the world according to changed needs or anxieties”.

The artists participating in the exhibition are Márta Adorjáni, Răzvan Anton, Claudiu Cobilanschi, Hermina Csala, Vilmos Koter, Szilárd Miklós, Dénes Miklósi, Cătălina Nistor, Áron Öllerer. Curators: Dénes Miklósi, Vilmos Koter. The exhibition is open until 2 December. Photos of the event can be viewed HERE.

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