The exhibition of the Chinese graphic artist JING LIU at the 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland

In consequence of the epidemiological restrictions, similarly to the opening event of the G6, the virtual art opening of the exhibition entitled MASTERS of the Main Prize winner of the year 2018, the Chinese artist JING LIU (CN) will take place on the Facebook page of the biennial on the 12th of October 2020 from 6 p.m.

JING LIU is associate professor at the Graphics Faculty of the Changsha University in China, member of the Association of Chinese Artists and of the Committee of Graphics and Mixed Techniques in the framework of the Association of the Artists of Hunan and deputy director of the Graphics Committee of the Changsha Artist Association.

Jing works gained recognition in the previous years at the Guanlan International Print Biennial of China, at the 5-th Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition, as well as at the 5th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland. He regularly participates with his works at several international fine art exhibitions, his artworks can be found in the collections of many museums and art institutes.

JING LIU is a Chinese artist, winner of the 5th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland organized in Sepsiszentgyörgy. He is present with his works already for the second time in this town. His „Master series” presented in this art show play to certain dualities and contrasts, realized on more planes. Going through the exhibition, on one hand we can trace the successive development of the portray genre, as the artist unfolds on the faces both the human and the artistic qualities simultaneously, striving not to subordinate them to each other. On the other hand we can see here the duality between a rigorous design and a released way of drawing and creation, each of the two highlighting a certain kind of behaviour, without tilting the balance in either direction. The artist does not take stand for either creation style. It is also important to point out, that the works lined up on the walls bear certain aesthetic qualities and contrasts, out of their encounter results the artistic creation, expression, the manifesting of emotion and messages. The art show of Jing Liu becomes in this way a kind of bridge or even more a symbiosis between traditions and innovative ideas. (Fruzsina Vargha, art historian).

The exhibition can be visited in the Transylvanian Art Centre until the 6th of November, from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The exhibition can also be viewed online:

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