The Call for Application of the 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland is public

The call of G6 is now accessible both for professionals at home and abroad

 The Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland celebrates its 10th anniversary in the year 2020. On the 14th of January the organizers presented within the framework of a press conference the concept of this year’s edition, they spoke about the novelties and about the structure of this biennial.

The biennial to be organized for the 6th time now is an excellent occasion for the organizers as well to   sum up the experiences of the past decade in order to use them successfully by the organisation of the next event of this kind.

The exhibitions presented so far within the framework of this international contest, as well as the professional quality and the quantity of the submitted artworks have confirmed, that the development of graphic techniques respectively the development of different visual representation forms manifesting themselves through these, is continuous.

Zoltán Vécsi Nagy, leader of the Transylvanian Art Centre welcomed the representatives of the press and declared: „The Transylvanian Art Centre is one of the beneficiaries of the biennial, as the winner artworks, which become part of the art collection of this institution, raise the level of the exhibitions selected from this collection, providing an international background. Through this we can not only show our openness towards the world, but we can also demonstrate, that indeed, the regional artworks represented through our institution are competitive in comparison with the contemporary art of the world.”  

Apor Ferencz S., the curator of the biennial presented to the represantatives of the press the concept of this edition and the novelties respectively changes regarding the event.

The 6th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland aims to present those professional tendencies, which are characterized by experimentation, the crossing of boundaries,  the reinterpretation of standards or the breaking down of former hierarchies.  The G6 is looking forward for answers from artists of different nationalities, belonging to various cultures, being eager to find out their attitude towards the issues of their own environment and of the whole world manifested through the language of contemporary graphic art. What kind of answers do they give to questions concerning globalization, politics, economy or other social issues? How do they represent the problems of their immediate environment or their individual life through their art, how do they consider possible to represent through the language of contemporary graphic art tradition and complete revival alike?

„I would like to highlight as a real professional progress the trilateral cooperation agreement, which we concluded with the renowned organisation office of the International Graphic Art Triennial Krakow and with the leaders of Miskolc Galery, organizers of the Miskolc Graphic Art Triennial. In this way we are able to promote each other’s events, to share our experiences, to organize exchange programs between artists and exhibitions, to award prizes at each other’s events. The winner of the Krakow Award given at the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland will have the opportunity to show his/her artworks in an individual exhibition in Krakow.” –  said Apor Ferencz S..

The concerned professionals can sign in until the 20th of March 2020, exclusively on web interface and can apply for the contest on the web page of the biennial through an online form. The selected artworks will make up the material of the catalogue respectively of the exhibition of the biennial. You can find more information about the call for application for the biennial on the web site

The opening and the award ceremonies of this year’s biennial will take place on the 9th of October 2020 in the Transylvanian Centre of Art in Sfântu Gheorghe. Before this, the exhibition of the Chinese fine artist Jing Liu, winner of the previous biennial, will be opened. In addition, the programms of the biennial will be enriched this year by further side-events in more towns of Szeklerland.

István Imreh, manager of the Covasna County Cultural Centre presented the organizers and sponsors, then he added: „The event is carried out through the common organisatory work of three counties, after several years of absence county Mures, represented by Mures County Museum, is also more active in the organisation work, as it will host the exhibition of the selected material of the 2020 biennial.”  In addition he emphasized, that one of the objectives of G6 is to  make the artworks more interpretable and available for the general public.

The organisatory work of the event will be carried out with the common participation of the Covasna County Cultural Centre, of Covasna, Harghita and Mures County Councils, of the Cultural and Art Centre of Lăzarea and of Mures County Museum.

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