Plakatfest / Contemporary Polish Poster

Vernissage: 16 September, 2016, 6:00 pm
The exhibition is being opened by Damokos Csaba, designer.

House with Arcades, Sfântu Gheorghe

Open: M−T 8:00−16:00, F 9:00−17:00

PlakatFest – Contemporary Polish Poster
The Polish School of Poster has always been an unusual phenomenon worldwide. In its best period each poster, regardless of the content it carried, was a fully autonomous work of art. The announcements of films, theater plays, circus performances or even the common propaganda posters were distinguished by the form of expression, graphic style, lettering, and their approach to the subject. They have always been succinct – to the point. Luckily, despite the problems and difficulties, the Polish artistic poster has survived. The glorious tradition has its continuators who maintain this genre on the high level.

Between April and May 2016 Silesian Poster Festival PlakatFest took place in Chorzów. A great number of works were submitted to the festival’s first edition, part of which will be presented in the international event Graphic Art Biennial in Szekerland. In this exhibition the works of world-famous poster artists, such as Lex Drewinski, Tomasz Bogusławski, Ryszard Kaja and Jacek Staniszewskim will be presented alongside the works of the young, very skilled budding poster artists. Poland, being famous in the poster art world can still be proud of its artists’ achievements in this field. The poster here still lives its colourful, stunning life both in the streets and in the galleries.


Posted in 4th Graphics Biennial, 2016.