The opening of the memorial exhibition of the artist Zsolt Siklodi (1966–2017)

On the 12th of October from 7 o’clock p.m. a book launch with exhibition entitled “The documents of an uncompleted oeuvre” took place in the House of Arcades in Sfântu Gheorghe.  The exhibition pays tribute to the memory of the former curator of the Graphic Art Biennial, Zsolt Siklodi.

Apor Ferencz S., one of the editors of the book and curator of the exhibition welcomed those who came to the event, then he presented some moments of the process of birth of the book and of the exhibition: “I think, that the most difficult thing in course of the editing of the book and the set-up of the material of the book was to be confronted to the fact, that here we should give an account of the documents of an unfinished life work. It was also hard to give a overall view of a life work, without defining its structure along emotional ties. Yet, although we treated the whole material on basis of strictly professional criteria, this work could not be free of emotions.”

The curator of the exhibition spoke about the editing of the book as well. At the end of the book edited in three languages: Hungarian, Romanian and English readers will find a passage of the curriculum vitae written by Zsolt Siklodi himself in a very personal tone.

Then graphic artist István Erőss, professor of the Institute of Visual Arts of the Eszterházy Károly University of Fine Arts of Eger, close friend of Zsolt Siklodi turned to the visitors of the event: “As I was looking at the exhibition, I was thinking, that it should have happened much earlier to  collect and present a complete image of the work of Zsolt Siklodi. But then I came to the conclusion, that this could naturally not have happened, because beside the great and versatile organizing work, that he assumed, he hardly had any time to show the products of his professional activity. Looking at the works presented here, we can see, that he used a plenty of technical solutions in his graphic art and had a quite experimental attitude in matters of art. Through his organizing work we also got to know a person who was very active, restless and permanently open to the new. Thus these two activities were always in a kind of symbiosis, nothing was impossible for him.  Eternal restlessness kept him alive until his last hour and this attitude obliges us as well.”

Finally one of the authors of the book, Kata Ungvári-Zrínyi praised the selection of works presented at the memorial exhibition of Zsolt Siklodi. The exhibition can be visited until the 2nd of November 2018.

Photo credit: Vargyasi Levente

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