The application phase has come to an end

The application phase of the Graphics Review, the 3rd Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland has come to an end. About 800 applications have been submitted from 32 countries.

336 artists have submitted their applications with the reproductions of 783 artworks. The majority of the applications have been sent from Hungary and Romania, however, there also appear on the palette such distant countries as Egypt, Korea, Canada, Indonesia and Iran.

The two announced application categories met equal interest: 166 applications have been submitted in the category of traditional graphics and 170 applications in the category of experimental graphics; there are also artists who submitted artworks in both categories. 387 artworks have been registered in the former category and 396 in the latter.

The submitted digital reproductions which meet the application criteria will be evaluated by the jury on 27 and 28 November 2014. During the evaluation process the jury will select the artworks which will actually take part in the review. The creators of the selected artworks will be notified by e-mail; besides, the list of the selected works will be communicated on our website as well.

We will soon communicate the evaluation results of the jury. Further information on the biennial can be found at:

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