Synopsis / 2014

Directing our thinking, perception and habits unnoticed but very efficiently, the created visual sign system almost entirely covers our world. We live in a world ruled by images, fact which must indispensably be taken into account. Especially by artists thinking and carrying out their activity in the field of fine arts.

Multiplying graphics can best reflect this determining role of images, the changes of its social role; in its case the specific transformations of genres mutually influencing each other can be perceived perhaps the most powerfully. The virtual image has changed the role of multiplying graphics; nevertheless, the printed picture linked to the materiality of the artwork has not lost its importance either. In the world of the pictorial turn graphics have also become borderless; today the artist can freely choose the carrier of the image generated by new media. However, if printed, the virtual image can return to the traditional reality bound to materiality, in this way the digitalized image also becomes a means of multiplying graphics.

The objective of the Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland is to place side by side the local and the universal, and to find and define the role of fine art endeavours, born in the region as well as in other parts of the world, within global trends, in terms of both traditional and experimental graphics. It aims to achieve this by fully respecting the freedom of the artists, unbiassed by stereotypes, in terms of choosing the means, the technique and the carrier of the visual mode of expression.

Posted in 3rd Graphics Biennial, 2014.